June 14, 2014

Pie Are Round

As I finished my meal,
I leaned back with a sigh.
Then my hostess inquired,
"Do you care for more pie?"
"No thank you" I said,
"I'm really quite full".
"You don't like it!" she cried,
"How could you be cruel!"
"Not at all" I replied,
"I had five pieces."
"You're pretending to like 
what you think tastes like faeces!"
"That's disgusting!" I said,
"I thought no such thing!"
"Then why? she inquired,
Don't you want anything?"
The situation I realized,
that I was in,
was obviously one,
that I couldn't win.
Despite the feeling that I had enough,
despite the feeling that I was stuffed,
despite having no room for a bite, 
I turn to my hostess and said
"Please let me have that last piece of pie!
I tried to be coy
but you didn't buy.
You saw how much I wanted some more.
Please let me have that pie of yours!"
With a smile on her face,
she served me the pie.
I could tell that she thought
I was a nice guy.
So even after having my fill,
I took a bite,
and promptly got ill.

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