July 26, 2014

A Good Time To Be Lazy

So much needs done,
but not today.
I’m checking out,
but not going away.
I don’t intend
to let anything phase me.
For this is a good time
for me to be lazy.
It is a luxury,
few can afford.
Neither can I,
but I choose to be bored.
You might see me today,
but don’t ask me when,
I’m staying in bed,
until after ten.
I have no clean dishes,
but I've already figured,
I won’t bother to cook,
I’ll have meals delivered.
The house is a mess,
clutter at my feet,
but this isn't the day,
to make things look neat.
Irresponsible me,
I won’t deny it.
I’m the envy of everyone
to busy to try it.
Call me slothful,
call me crazy,
you may think it awful,
but I’m being lazy.

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