August 31, 2014

A Reluctant But Decisive Call To Action

I have tried to keep my political views to myself.
Having a public platform to display my writing does not necessarily make me an expert in political affairs.
However there comes a time when events forces even the reluctant to fight for a noble cause.
Recent events have stirred such a response from me.
No longer able to stand on the sidelines watching others engage in battle,

I have decided to wholeheartedly jump into the game in the strongest and most powerful means available to me.
Therefore drawing upon my contacts, and my own financial resources,
I have formulated this call to action.
I am hereby calling together some well known and trusted experts in this matter and charging them with the responsibility of forming a council,
that will chose select members with particular talents on this issue,
to convene a committee,
that together with my full backing will investigate the possibility,
of empowering a blue ribbon panel,
whose duty will be to oversee the selection of a cabinet,
(along with the proper representatives and consultants),
that will set up a task force with one focused and singular mission.
To ensure that a commission is to be set up,
(chaired by a selected member of a sub committee that reports to chargĂ© d’affaires of a newly formed bureau),
and that will be empowered to make appointments,
to a board of trustees,
whose sole duty will be to create a think tank,
that will investigate in the utmost haste possible,
the formation of a fully capable cabinet of deputies,
(derived from each groups privy council),
that will call a convocation,
and assembly caucus,
that will move forward in decision making process how to best rectify the problem at hand.
Let the enemies of the common good be warned!

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