December 11, 2014

The New Friend

Hello. Nice to meet you.
I just know we’ll be good friends.
In fact I predict,
we’ll be together,
until the end.
Is that where you live?
Your home is beautiful.
I must bring you a gift.
Something special,
and quite suitable.
Is that your family?
My, what a good looking group.
Just consider me a cousin,
another member of your troupe.
Do you mind if I sit a moment?
I must really rest my feet.
Is that your dinner cooking?
That reminds me,
I’ve yet to eat.
I don’t want to impose.
I wouldn’t feel quite right.
But if you insist,
I’ll stay for a bite.
Oh I’ve seen that video.
I won’t tell you how it ends.
I’ll just sit with you through it.
I enjoy watching it,
with friends.
Here let me help you fold your laundry,
You must not work yourself too hard.
The dog?
Oh he was whining,
so I let him in the yard.
Where did the time go?
I can’t believe it got so late.
I’ll let you go to sleep.
Could you awaken me at eight?

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