June 21, 2014

Morning Coffee

I awoke and with groggy thoughts and stumbled to the kitchen.
Preparing percolation to enhance resuscitation.
Minutes feel like hours until the first cup is ready.
Sitting at comfort, I lean back with lips to cup,
taking the first sip of the coffee beans nectar.
Suddenly the world goes red.
Demons from hell dance around an open pit of fire and brimstone.
A volcano forms and explodes with molten lava encompassing me.
The earth tilts off its axis and hurtles into the sun.
The sun consumes everything with its heat,
then enlarges to a white giant star that explodes as a super nova.
Collapsing into a giant dark hole that grows exponentially,
until all matter and light in the universe is consumed in a final melting fire.
I should have waited for my coffee to cool before I sipped it.

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