June 7, 2014

So They Dance

"Step inside ," said the painted lady.
"Leave your cares outside the door.
For in here there is no tomorrow,
or thoughts of what has been before.
Hear the music playing.
Have your fill of wine and romance."
So they danced.
At the door appeared a stranger,
and he cried, "you must leave here!"
"For there is approaching danger,
there is a fire that's drawing near."
They all laughed and said ,"go away,
we've got wine, music and romance."
So they danced.
Too late they realized the fire was burning everything away.
The wine, the music and romance wasn't worth the price they paid.
Time has passed and so has the memory
of what once happened here.
There is only a field and flowers growing,
where there once was tears.
But there's the sound of laughter ,
from children singing ,
and playing games of chance.
so they dance.
"THE GAUCHO" Lupe Velez, Douglas Fairbanks 

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