March 8, 2015

Pleading Pardon To The Patrolling Plagiarism Police

Recently (yesterday) I wrote about an experience I had in my life
that I thought readers would find amusing.
I took my time writing it, proofread it, found some nice photos to go with it, then posted it.
Saturday is usually a slow day for my posts so I didn’t expect to get many people
to view it.
But that’s alright. In fact perhaps it’s for the best.
You see today, when I had some time to read some posts by others that I follow,
I happened upon the page of a fellow I find amusing.
As I looked over his writings I noticed he had been featured on
Wordpress’ Freshly Pressed, several times.
I decided to look and see what the articles were about. I hadn’t read them before.
To my horror, the first article listed was on the very topic I had posted the day before.
It even discussed in a humourous way the very things I had mentioned in my own
attempt to be funny.
“Is it just me? Or do you smell plagiarism in the air too?”

Now before I attract attention of the consonant constabulary criminal complaint community,
I like to plead pardon to the patrolling plagiarism police.
“Watch out boys! He has a notebook!”

It’s inevitable that a writer will write about a topic that has been covered before.
It’s also likely that since certain topics have particular features about them,
that these would also be discussed in an article the any writer would write.
The fact the writer who also wrote about the same topic is also a humor writer,
is just a coincidence.
“Yeah sure. tell you malarkey to the judge!”

So I just want to go on record here.
I often spend my time thinking of things that happened in my life,
and how I can tell the story about them in a funny way.
I don’t read other writers so can expound on, or even copy,
what they are writing about.
My thoughts are my own.
Perhaps great minds think alike? Hee hee.
Well I feel better getting this off my chest.
I rest my case.

“What a crock!”

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