June 25, 2014

Dance With Me

I'm not one who on occasion,
is affected by the music playing.
I've no desire
to join those swaying
by me.
But in the name of romance,
here with you,
I'll take the chance,
if you will join me
in a dance
you may see.
When we hold each other
moving to the music,
two hearts can grow together
if you choose it.
It's not what I do
But I'm hoping that
you will agree
to take my hand and
dance with me.

June 24, 2014

I Prefer The Rain

Whether the weather is bad or better,
it's all left to chance just the same.
But if I had had a choice
I would pick moist.
I prefer the rain.
It may seem funny I wouldn't pick sunny.
You may even doubt I was sane.
But I have my reason for a wetter season.
I prefer the rain.
The heat can make us lazy
We lay about all day.
The cold drives us crazy.
We're bundled up forms,
trying to stay warm.
The sound of the raindrops,
play a melody of delight.
I don't care if it won't stop.
if it means having you inside with me tonight.
Heavens playing music.
Each drop it makes a beat.
It seems so therapeutic.
It's a song and a scene I want to repeat.
Some they like the snowflakes,
but no thank you just the same.
I'm too cold making snowmen,
or skiing up in Maine.
It would be so pleasant.
If it could be arranged.
Together to watch the weather.
I prefer the rain.

June 23, 2014

Like When We First Met

Excuse me if I’m getting sentimental.
Our current affair may be temperamental.
Time has changed us this I know but yet still,
I remember when things were more gentile.

Here’s hoping that you can still recall dear,
when you longed for the time to be near.
The cloudy recollections may seen unclear.
Let me make the fog of doubt disappear.
I think about the times we've spent together.
And how we laughed when walking through bad weather.
If our pockets were like those of a beggar,
it mattered not for our love was like a treasure.
We've come so far from where we started.
It would be a shame if we were ever parted.
What was true once is still now,
I have not forgotten how,
To love you like when we first met.

Another World With You

I've never gone to Paris.
Or to London to see the palace.
So many places that I would like to view.
But I've no need to be a debtor.
I found something better.
I'm in another world with you.
They say it would really pay us,
to see the Himalayas.
Or watch the Llamas in Peru.
And though these sights beckon,
to me they come in second.
When I'm in another world with you.
There's a light that glows around you.
To me it's so much brighter than the sun.
I hear music from angels singing,
saying of the sights you are the only one.
I've never had a chance to visit Venice.
Drive a gondola with menace.
Though that is something that I would like to do.
But if fate won't let us.
If I never live that premise.
I'm in another world with you.

It's All A Misunderstanding

I find myself perplexed,
to be in this situation.
It's reminds me of a conflict
between two similar nations.
So let's not part angry
when there's a chance yet,
To put the discussion back in context.
It's all a misunderstanding.
Things aren't the way they first appear to be.
If you let me explain,
I'll show you once again,
there's no misunderstanding
the love between you and me.

June 22, 2014

The Windows Of Her Soul

When I gazed into her eyes,
the windows to her soul,
I felt unworthy to behold,
what the vision revealed.
It is for men to have beatific visions
of a heavenly life to come,
not to observe such glory in this world.
And yet there I was,
privileged, yet I know not why.
Bestowed with grace,
by one who could choose better if she desired.
What am I? Undeserving, yes this is true.
Privileged and lifted up also is my claim.
But I claim not, the possessor of my dreams.
For one would be more sane to declare ownership of all that is beautiful,
untouched by decay,
now and forever,
than to assert her love belongs only to myself.

June 20, 2014

Without Vulgarity

The man was a rarity.
He spoke without vulgarity.
He refrained from being rude,
by never speaking crude.
In times were others must,
feel the urge to cuss,
he could be most creative,
some say innovative.
With eloquence and courage,
he'd used creative verbiage.
Without a dictionary
to be consulted,
you'd not know
you've been insulted.

June 15, 2014

My Daddy

When I was a little child,
he'd comfort me when the storm was loud.
That's what my daddy did for me.
He taught me about the golden rule.
He'd check on my friends that I made at school.
That's what my daddy did for me,
They don't make them like my dad anymore.
I know you've heard that said before.
But me and mama, we both agree.
God must have had a special plan.
To send us such a special man.
That's what my daddy did for me.
When our country went to war, 
he volunteered like he did before.
That's what my daddy did for me.
He said they evil must be kept away.
So we be free to live and pray.
That's what my daddy did for me.
They don't make them like my dad anymore.
I know you've heard that said before.
But me and mama, we both agree.
God must have had a special plan.
To send us such a special man.
That's what my daddy did for me.
Now when I think we're apart.
I realize he's part of my heart,
That's what my daddy did for me.
When I'm speaking with my child.
I hear him, and it makes me smile.
That's what my daddy did for me.
They don't make them like my dad anymore.
I know you've heard that said before.
But me and mama, we both agree.
God must have had a special plan.
To send us such a special man.
That's what my daddy did for me.

June 14, 2014

Guilt At The Grocers

I needed some groceries.
I needed to shop.
I had some money,
but not a lot.
And this was part
of my dilemma you see.
For guilt I receive,
at the grocery.
For the entrance was blocked by various causes,
charities, groups and bell ringing Clauses.
Each pleaded for
a donation from me.
Who had barely enough,
to buy some peas.
Please give they implored
for veteran cats.
Will you help us buy trousers,
for endangered bats?
Help the orphans,
beat prickly heat,
help our team get better,
so we won't have to cheat.
Each inquiry filled me,
with deep regret.
I'll donate I said, I'll give,
but not yet.
But the pressure began
to make resolve wilt.
And so I gave in
to my giving guilt.

So I gave each one
part of my loot.
And I dined that evening,
on a boiled boot.

June 13, 2014

The Moon Was Full

The moon was full.
it had consumed the dark.
The night was young.
Waiting to embark.
The owl spoke a reminder,
causing me to wonder, who?
Perhaps time will tell,
if time speaks you.

June 11, 2014

Day Is Done

Day is done.
Time to rest.
There is work unfinished.
But I tried my best.
For now it's sleep.
I must attend.
For upon the rising,
I'll begin again.

June 10, 2014

The Bragging Darkness

The darkness bragged of its power.
How it could strip the colors bare.
How it was strengthened in the shadows.
Fear made imaginations there.
It was awesome and majestic.
None could escape its might.
Then it fled in terror.
At the arrival of the light.