January 31, 2019

The Bridge - (a poem by tom balistreri)

It can be hard,
to understand,
that Christ is the bridge,
between God and man.

Through Him we have,
now become,
no longer slaves,
but adopted sons.

January 30, 2019

Shopping For A Bowl - (a rhyme by tom balistreri)

We went shopping for a bowl.
Then we bought some matching plates.
Then we got a new table,
for the old one wasn't great.

The walls could use improving,
so then we bought some kitchen paint.
I thought about the total,
it made me feel a little faint.

The old lighting wouldn’t do.
It would look worse with these new things.
So we bought new light fixtures,
and some shelving that could swing.

I paid the bill and watched,
my bank account go dry.
Then I bought some tissues,
so I could dry my eyes.

It feels like I've thrown
my money in hole.
But it’s typical of what happens,
when we go to buy a bowl.


A Living Transformation - (a poem by tom balistreri)

A living transformation,
sometimes quickly,
often slow,

comes to those
who turn to Christ,
and come to know,

His love and revelation,
as he turns
darkness into light,

and they find
old things become new,
and find new life.

January 29, 2019

Ave Maria (sung by tom balistreri)

This is my first attempt to sing to the music of Franz Schubert.
I wish I would have had a Latin linguist handy, or at least one of the nuns that taught me in grade school.
They would have guided me in the proper pronunciation of the Latin.
Not to mention my timing of the lyric.
(I'll just blame that on my Sinatra influences.  )
I will return to this music at a future date and attempt it again when I'm confident of the lyric.
In the meantime I humbly present to you my attempt to sincerely sing the classic and sacred song,
"Ave maria."
Thank you for listening.
- tom

You Are Original - (a poem by tom balistreri)

With history and ancestry,
endless people lived and died.
Yet despite the many,
one needs to realize.

The truth is marvelous,
wonderful and mystical,
that your life is unique,
and you are original.

January 28, 2019

Small Talk - (a rhyme by tom balistreri)

The man that sat beside me
had very much to say.
On the train we sat together.
We were going the same way.

He spoke of many things.
He talked endlessly.
I found it rather boring.
Until I spoke of me.

Passionate Mercy - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Your passionate mercy,
Your wondrous grace,
Your loving kindness,
You restore and make chaste.

We worship You Lord,
who loves us and guides,
Who welcomes His children,
with arms open wide.

January 27, 2019

He Is Obvious - (a poem by tom balistreri)

The truth of God is obvious.
No one has excuse.
His handiwork is evident.
It's there for all to view.

Fear not to believe.
For it does not bring pain.
God provides guidance,
and His love and joy you gain.

January 26, 2019

Smooth Road - (a poem by tom balistreri)

The Lord makes smooth,
the road that's rough,
and gladly gives,
us more than enough.

He guides us,
and shows us the way,
and restores the soul,
that's gone astray.

January 25, 2019

Drift Toward Pride - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Success in ones life,
may cause one to drift.
Into feelings of pride.
This is well to resist.

When the power of the humble,
have their feelings shift,
the wise will remember,
their talent is Gods gift.

January 24, 2019

More - (sung by tom balistreri)

The scenery in this video should mentally help you to feel warm as I sing the classic standard song,
Thank you for listening.
- tom

The Journey - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Men arise,
after their nights rest,
and venture forth,
in their quest.

Some with plans,
others not a clue,
moving towards,
what they will do.

Events unfold,
most unforeseen,
courses altered,
as well as dreams.

At days end,
when men reflect,
it's the journey,
that does perfect.

The Burden Of Light - (a poem by tom balistreri)

The Lord calls,
and at His behest,
I come to Him,
and He gives me rest.

I’m released from struggle,
and use of might.
For His yoke is easy,
and His burden is light.

January 23, 2019

I'll Immerse Myself - (a poem by tom balistreri)

To understand
what has occurred,
I shall immerse myself
in Your Word.

You direct and share
great light,
and give all,
the Word of life.

January 18, 2019

Winter Wonderland - (sung by tom balistreri)

Why am I singing this song now you may ask?
Because this is a seasonal song.
Specifically it's a song about winter.

I always wondered why society in general plays this type of song before Christmas and then stops until the next year.
These songs are about weather and landscapes, not Christmas.

Actually you could play this song anytime of the year.
In the winter, (which by the way doesn't even begin until almost the end of December.)
it talks about the season.
Or even in the summer. (It can cool you down on a hot day.)

As for myself, I was thinking about this song as I was taking my morning walk the other day.
The video is pretty basic.
It's just me walking the woods.
But as I walked I was thinking of this song.
So let's imagine this song is playing in my head. lol

So here is my mental singing of the classic WINTER song,
"Winter Wonderland."
Thank you for listening and watching.
- tom

Which Way Should I Go? - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Show me the way Lord.
Which way should I go?
What path should I take?
I want to know.

Yet I will trust,
that You will guide.
And fear not,
with You by my side.

January 17, 2019

Knowledge Of The Prudent - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Study the scriptures
as a student.
Learn from the wise
develop prudence.

Grow in knowledge
of the Lord.
Gain understanding,
an eternal reward.


January 15, 2019

Into The Deep - (a poem by tom balistreri)

On the sea of God's grace,
you've sailed close to the shore.
Seeking knowledge and understanding,
desiring so much more.

Even in the shallows,
you find the wonders you seek.
But the Lord says to you,
"Set out into the deep."

January 14, 2019

Your Panoply - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Praise and worship,
I give to thee,
Your marvelous

You fulfill and are
all in all.
Your children rejoice,
to hear Your call.

January 12, 2019

The Prolific Artist - (a rhyme by tom balistreri)

The artist was prolific.
He had new works everyday.
So much he had created.
So much he had to say.

He covered all the topics,
where others may have have shrunk.
Unfortunately for him,
most of his work stunk.


Where Else Can I Go? - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Where else can I go Lord,
to hear words of life?
Who else illuminates,
through dark of night?

Who else would accept,
that burdens I bring?
Only You my Lord,
the true God and my King.

January 11, 2019

Pause For Praise - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Through out the day
I give pause
to worship You,
creations cause.

I thank You Lord,
for all You've done,
and the gift You gave,
of Your Son.

January 10, 2019

We Stand At The Cusp - (a poem by tom balistreri)

We stand at the cusp,
of life and death.
Free to choose either,
with our every breath.

We pray and seek,
and follow the light.
As for myself,
I choose life.

January 9, 2019

Morning Prayer - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Holy God,
Mighty King,
I await the wonders,
this day will bring.

To You all praise,
I will sing.
For Your mercy is

January 8, 2019

I’m Not The Same- (a poem by tom balistreri)

I'm not the same
as I used to be,
for Christ has won
the victory.

I am renewed
and set free,
from the weight of sin,
that burdened me

January 7, 2019

Not Frivolous - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Once my life
was frivolous,
but the Lord has made
me chivalrous.

I've turned from living,
for only my rights,
to receiving joy,
from sacrifice.

January 6, 2019

Prayer To God The Father - (a poem by tom balistreri)

God Almighty,
creator of all things,
You declared we call You Father,
to You we pray and sing.

Full of love and mercy,
You bless us with your care.
Who or what is like You?
What can be compared?

I humbly praise and thank You.
In your presence I am awed.
For You are The Eternal,
The Mighty, Loving God.

January 4, 2019

The Great Exchange - (a poem by tom balistreri)

The Holy Spirit,
will exchange,
the tormented soul,
and rearrange,
thoughts of darkness,
towards the light,
and despair of death,
to joyous life.

January 3, 2019

Live And Learn - (a poem by tom balistreri)

I thought my talents
defined my life as a man.
The desires of my calling,
the skills displayed by my hand.

But age has brought small wisdom,
and now I understand.
A fulfilled life is gathered,
when aligned with God’s plan.

January 1, 2019

At The Crossroads - (a poem by tom balistreri)

Many come to a crossroad,
the choice has them lost.

Know then the right direction,
is the road with a cross.