May 24, 2018

God Hears You

God hears you,
when you speak.
Whether strong,
or if you’re weak.
You can be a pauper,
or you can be a king.
Rank or possessions,
they don’t mean a thing.
You have equal access,
as much as any monk or priest,
preacher or sinner,
all are invited to God’s feast.
He listens to the prayers,
of all who are sincere,
for His love is endless,
and desires to have you near.

May 11, 2018

Lamentations 3:22-23 - (Paraphrased and Rhymed)

The steadfast love,
of the Lord never ceases,
nor come to an end,
but only increases.
Grace from Heaven,
like rain comes pouring.
Behold they are,
new every morning.
Able to overflow,
endless spaciousness,
we humbly proclaim,
great is Your faithfulness.