January 22, 2015

Come On Home

A song I wrote and recorded a few years ago.
Again, I play all the instruments, do all the vocals.
No wonder I’m tired.
A song for all the prodigals out there.

Short And To The Point

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Then man came along and made it worse.

I've Still Got It

Today as I was reading many blog posts from various writers a thought occurred to me,
“I still got it.”
Got what? you may ask.
Child like wonder.
Or maybe it’s better called a positive attitude, or optimism, or hope.
I don’t know if any of those words describe what it is that I have.
I just know I’ve got it.
I can remember being a child.
I can recall my feelings and views towards the world that I had then.
I can relive them like it was yesterday.
I mentally can put myself back there and think like I did then.
Age has brought me experience.
It can bring a bit of callousness upon a person.
Maybe as a form of self protection.
But children see the world as very clear cut.
There are bad guys and good guys.
Right and wrong.
Cool and yucky.
I think kids are more realistic than adults.
The grown ups seems to be full of cynicism.
The media is all put downs, and gotchas.
Bad news makes good news.
If the other person has a different point of view, then it must be based on an evil ulterior motive.
Maybe I’m naive.
I try to remember to look at things through the eyes of a naive child.
Not always, but not enough.
I like a good joke. I like insult humor.
But I don’t like hurting anyone. Even if meant in good humor.
So I use the insults on myself.
It’s an excuse to have some humor at no ones expense but my own.
There is still kindness in the world.
I try to be part of it.
I know there are many who also are the positive souls on this planet.
Perhaps the reason the world is still here is because there are more of them than we realise.
They are just not as loud.
It is written:
“..Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 19:14
Perhaps that’s the secret.
To try to remember how to see things through the eyes and faith of a child.
I may not be perfect,
but I’d like to think,
I still got it.


I want to start off this post with a bit of a warning to my regular readers.
This is not one of my funny posts. (at least not intentionally)
If you don’t like Christianity or are offended by it, please just skip the rest of this post.
I don’t try to proselytise anyone or put down their own beliefs.
No one is more aware of their own shortcomings than I am.
I don’t hold myself up as a good representative of my faith.
But I have do have a strong faith that I do express in public.
But I do that through music.
I’ve written dozens of christian themed songs.
I don’t know what kind of a category I would put them in.
Not pop, because they are not popular.
Not sacred, not hymns, not a modern style (after all I’m an old guy)
Maybe early sixties rock.
Anyway I’ve been meaning to post some of my original stuff here anyway so this is where I will start.
I write, sing and play the instruments on the recordings I make.
I’m a one man band.
I’m also limited in my talent so don’t expect the smoothest sounding music you ever heard.
Anyway here is one of the many songs I’ve recorded.
I made a video for it because people like to look at stuff while the music plays.
This song is called “Holes”.

There’s a hole in the window.
There’s a hole in the floor.
There’s a whole lot of folks who aren’t whole anymore.
There’s a hole in their soul where the pain gets in,
that only the Holy One can fill in.
He’s wholly God. He’s wholly man.
He’s the Holy One know as the great I Am.
He’s got a hole in His side.
He’s got holes in His hands.
He allowed them there to make us whole again.
There’s a whole wide world going into a hole.
There are holes in mans plans of taking more than the whole.
There’s a hole in the space were they are trying to take hold.
But there’s only one who can make them feel whole.