October 24, 2015

Fearless Service

Those who fight The Lord,
reap calamity and sorrow.
But those who serve The Lord,
have no fear of tomorrow.

The Humble

There’s a verse, 
that says the meek shall inherit the earth.
Some might think that this is a curse.
But they got it in reverse.
For those who serve others are the most beloved.
It’s a shame, 
how folks chase after fame.
Thinking they are making a name.
But they’ll find, 
all they’re making is time, 
until they have to leave it, 
all behind them.
God lifts up the humble.
Those who lift themselves stumble.
If you’re willing to lose your life you will find that’s when you gain it.
There are plans.
You might think one is good for you.
But is this what God wants you to do?
Ask and pray, 
and He will show you the way,
and you will have joy, 
for the rest of your days.
Put aside, 
dreams just based on pride.
that causes one to hide, 
all the pain and the fears that’s inside,  and the tears that are cried, 
when your living a lie.
Trust His way.
He knows what’s best for you.
He knows what you’ll like to do.
You’ll find that He’s greater than kind. 
And He’ll give you more joy,
than has entered  your mind.

October 6, 2015

Narrow Road

I’ve traveled for so long upon this path.
Sometimes the way is hard and not too fast.
But I know where it goes.
It’s taking me home.
That is why I’m on the narrow road.
There’s been times were I have lost my way.
And moments where I have chose to stray.
I turned around and found my way back again.
I’m heading back to where I’ll be welcomed in.
That is why I’m on the narrow road.
There’s a road road that’s wide, broad and bright.
Those who travel on it think it feels alright.
But it’s leading to a place they don’t want to go.
It’s that path of least resistance. It’s an easier way.
There’s a toll at they end that they can not pay.
When the journey’s over it’s not what you have but who you know.
I’m not saying you must follow me.
We all have are own paths and destinies.
The Spirit of the Lord calls to show you the way.
To endless treasure if you hear what He says.
And follow Him upon the narrow road.