July 30, 2022

"Blue Moon" The classic standard song performed on The Balistreri Livestream July 29th 2022

 Blue Moon has been performed for decades and decades by countless performers. Now father and son, Tom and Michael Balistreri perform the song live on their livestream program.

July 28, 2022

Man Mule Sweeny the legendary Hannies song performed by Michael Balistreri, George Harris and Tom.

 With son on lead guitar and my good friend George Harris on drums we perform the Hannies song about a legendary character that roamed the country during the time of the great dust bowl out west, "Man Mule Sweeny".

July 10, 2022

Completion In God - (by Tom Balistreri)

The soul is empty,
an incomplete.
Without Your presence,
and love so sweet.

For one lacks sense,
nor can understand,
their place in life,
without God's hand.