January 30, 2018

In Heaven And Earth

All things were created,
in heaven and on Earth,
by Almighty God,
who gave them worth.
He will tend His work,
and restore the fallen,
and forgive the sins,
of those who hear His calling.

January 27, 2018

Every Fault And Mistake

Every fault,
and mistake,
every sin,
You will take.
You toss them,
in forgetfulness,
and cleanse my wounds,
with gentleness.

January 23, 2018

Wind And Rain

It’s a long long road that we must travel,
With toil and danger on the way.
Full of mysteries we must unravel
if we’re not to go astray.

We chart our course,
assuming fair weather,
Yet we find many storms arise.
Still we venture on,
despite the pressure,
waiting to see clearer skies.

Through the wind and the rain
we’ll keep on pressing.
Maybe slow but steady on.
Through the dark of night,
we keep progressing,
toward the light of the dawn.

If we fall,
we arise and we shall recover,
Shake off the dust and move along.
We’ve only this time,
there won’t be another,
so we all must be strong.


You can seek advice,
you can walk with another,
as you journey toward your home.
But ultimately even with a brother,
you must walk alone.

Through day and night,
drawing ever closer,
forward bravely surpressing fear.
Always remembering,
as your progressing,
the end is drawing near.

Whether Martyr Or Blessed

Thy presence Lord
is always there.
Whether one is blessed
or martyr.
I cling to thee.
In faith I must.
Giving you my love,
and unwavering trust.

January 20, 2018

Clean Again

The Lord took my soul,
stained with sin,
and made it clean,
and new again.
Removed the doubt,
that gave me strife,
and replaced it with
faith and life.

January 18, 2018

The Path Through Time

Every day it draws nearer,
with every tick of the clock.
The end of my journey,
in this land that I walk.
With faith and perseverance,
the trials of life I roam.
Until my day is ended,
and God welcomes me home.

January 17, 2018

In My Privacy

In the privacy of my room,
I open up in prayer.
Although I seem alone
I know that God is there.
He hears my every word.
He knows my every thought.
He answers me in love,
and directs me as I ought.

January 16, 2018

Be Not Chaotic

Let your heart be not chaotic,
with anguish that will not cease.
But rest in Jesus Christ,
and dwell in peace.
It passes all understanding,
yet dwells in the humble and the awed.
It's rest in the Holy Spirit,
and the comfort of God.

January 15, 2018

Make It Vanish

Cleanse me Lord.
Make iniquity vanish.
Renew a right spirit in me.
My soul does brandish,
sins stain,
dark and weighty.
Your Word,
gives me cleansing.
Your love sets me free.
I praise and adore You.
Loving Father,
God and King.

January 14, 2018

Nothing When Apart (based on John 15:5)

You are the branches,
I am the vine.
You must abide in Me,
and we will be entwined.
The result will be,
much fruit you will bear.
For apart from Me,
there will be nothing there.

January 10, 2018

Not A Copycat

Jesus was not a copycat,
of philosophers before.
Others promised enlightenment,
as He,
but so much more.
Some say His salvation,
in neither unique,
or odd.
But He alone laid claim,
to be the Son of God.

January 9, 2018

The Works Of Grace

I show my faith,
through my deeds.
But it’s not my works,
that rescue me.
My sins through work,
are not erased.
But I am redeemed
by God’s grace.

January 8, 2018

My Old Friend

Good to see you my old friend What a surprise how have you been. I’ve been well, I hope that you’ve been fine. I agree It’s been a long long time. How's it going in your life. How's the family? How's your wife? How things change, now we understand. It's alright to change our plans. We're not the same as we used to be. So much that we, could not foresee. It's Time to go my old friend. Let's try to do this once again. So many memories, in the mind. We must not wait, such a long long time.

January 7, 2018

The Stand

There are times,
pursuing in light,
while choosing things,
that are right,
as are known to be,
in God's sight,
despite standing for
what's already known,
you may find yourself,
standing alone.

January 5, 2018

Psalm 51:10-12 (paraphrased and rhymed)

Lord cast me not from Your presence,
or take the Holy Spirit from me.
Create in me,
a pure heart,
renew my spirit,
Restore to me the joy,
of Your salvation,
and victory,
Grant me a willing spirit,
oh God,
to sustain me.

January 4, 2018

Desire Of The Flesh (based on Romans 7:15-20)

The desire I have,
is to do right,
but I struggle with,
an internal fight,
for I do those very,
things I hate,
guilt presses in,
like a heavy weight,
but if I've been renewed,
and born again,
it's not my spirit,
but my flesh that sins.

January 3, 2018

This Land

This land has mountains. This land has streams. This land has beautiful majestic scenes. This land’s God given, For us to attend. To grow and to harvest, To heal and to mend. This land’s the place where we’ve been born. This land will be here after we’re mourned. This land is made, to grow new life. This land may reject us, but it will survive. This land was in place, Before we were here. This land will be here, When we disappear. This land is our brother, This land is our home. We work together. We’re not alone. This land This land was made for you and me.