October 31, 2014

Scary Costume

The costumed children at my door,
who come to trick or treat.
Each year try to scare me,
which is not an easy feat.
But this year they made terror strike,
afraid I wished to flee.
They made me more than afraid,
when they appeared disguised,
as me.

October 25, 2014

Halloween Scare

Every year at Halloween,
children trick and treat at my door.
They enjoy my treats of candy,
but they also get much more.
The get a thrill from my appearance,
the say my costume causes fright.
It’s funny cause I've never,
wore one on that night.

October 20, 2014

Adam To Eve

Bone of my bone,
flesh of my flesh,
desire for completeness,
interrupting rest.
Once of me,
now wholly realized,
Fantasy fails,
the truth idealized.

October 18, 2014

Just A Thought

Soon it will be November.
A time of Thanksgiving and voting.
Either way you’re served a turkey.

October 16, 2014

Unequal Thanks

Inequality is a curse,
of which many people speak.
They hope to have fairness,
whether strong or weak.
There is one exception,
to having equality.
No one desires,
equality with me.

October 9, 2014

Without Vulgarity

The man was a rarity.
He spoke without vulgarity.
He refrained from being rude,
by never speaking crude.
In times where others must,
feel the urge to cuss,
he could be most creative,
some say innovative.
With eloquence and courage,
he’d used creative verbiage.
Without a dictionary
to be consulted,
you’d not know
you’ve been insulted.

October 5, 2014

Light Not Abandoned

When it comes time for the darkness to begin burning,
the reluctant rays of light will be yearning.
To last longer than a day.
To illuminate and show the way.
For clearer paths without shadow for misstep.
To give unobstructed light to guide,
and yet,
time and duty demands it acquiesce,
to the blanket of lights emptiness,
yet lest men stumble,
with sight not far,
it illuminates in night,
with moon and stars.

October 4, 2014

Haiku You?

Haiku you do this?
Haiku I do what? I ask.
Haiku you write such nonsense?

An Oasis

A battleground,
a pathway,
a foyer,
and a door.
The world is called
many things,
A test,
and so much more.
History and the present,
demonstrate lifes strife.
Evil battles good,
claiming their way
is called right.
There are those of us,
who seem frivolous.
Silly, childish,
and the like.
Who don’t appear serious,
in a world that wants to strike.
But a purpose we posses,
as forces seek to destroy.
It is to bring some laughter,
and an oasis of joy.