June 26, 2015

Good Advice

The best advice that I had given,
was clear for all to see.
I should have followed it myself.
I said “Don’t listen,
to me.”

June 25, 2015

Looping Around The Sun

Sixty seconds to a minute.
Sixty minutes to an hour.
Hours turn into days.
Days pass like desert flowers.
Each year a revolution.
Revealing the place where it begun.
Circles never ending,
as they loop around the sun.

June 15, 2015

Writing A Ticket

He wrote of children,
running through fields of yellow flowers.
He wrote of liturgies,
and prayers through the hours.
He wrote of music,
of heavenly sounds.
He wrote continuous,
as the bombs fell around.

June 14, 2015

The Tom Tale (page 3)

Instead of writing a poem today for the WordPress Daily Prompt,
I thought I would just give you some prose from my own story.
The Daily Prompt asked “Write page three of your autobiography.”
So I dusted off a copy of mine and offer it here for your illumination.

The Tom Tale

page 3.
Despite assurances from military decontamination teams,
and home visits from government medical personal,
the town was not ready to forgive or trust me.
True, I may have set the calamity in motion.
But it was likely that a city wide disaster such as this was inevitable.
The town that night had an eerie quiet about it.
With the exception of a few howling dogs and people moaning from the swelling,
I could hear very few of the residents cursing and yelling threats.
Perhaps the tide was turning.
Just then a thought struck me.
There was something I had forgotten.
It was important. But I couldn’t remember.
I searched my brain for an answer that I knew was critical.
I remember!
At the very instant I recalled my forgotten information the night sky lit up with a huge fireball from the south side of town.
“Oh Oh,” I thought, “If I only would have recalled sooner.”
A stampede of cattle from the field near the flaming explosion rushed through the neighborhood streets and yards.
I could hear mooing and screaming, along with more cursing, as my neighbors cars, lawn furniture and homes were crushed under the thundering herd.
“Why are my nights always like this?” I thought.
Head in Hands

June 2, 2015

A Pearl Of Wisdom From One Who Should Clam Up

The world hasn’t gone mad.
It’s always been mad.
But now a new madness exists.
The unmad are afraid to tell the mad,
they’re mad,
for fear of making them mad.