April 25, 2018

The Crown Of Love (based on Psalm 103:4-6)

The lord gives vindication,
and to the weary rest.
He administers justice,
for all who are oppressed.
He satisfies with good,
and renews youth like eagle's wings.
With steadfast love and mercy,
He crowns you as a king.

April 24, 2018

Wonderful Restoration

Not by my power,
or my strength,
has goodness lasted,
for great length.
Yet in here in wonder,
do I stand,
in restoration,
by God's hand.

April 23, 2018

The Rich Man In Hades (based on Luke 16:30-31)

"Father Abraham", said the rich man,
"I ask Lazarus to be sent,
for if my brothers see his ghost,
surely they will repent."
The rich man in Hades,
awaited the answer to his cry.
Abraham looked sadly,
and gave him this reply.
"They have Moses and the Prophets,
they've not listened to what they said.
They'll not be convinced,
even if someone rises from the dead."

April 22, 2018

The Legacy

Envy not the wicked man,
who seems to have success.
For his life will end in folly,
his death will bring no rest.
The legacy of one's life,
is not accumulated wealth.
But their love of God and others,
and their giving of themself.

April 21, 2018

Not Frivolous

Once my life
was frivolous,
but the Lord has made
me chivalrous.
I've turned from living,
for only my rights,
to receiving joy,
from sacrifice.

April 20, 2018

Humble Thanks

there are days,
all I can give,
is humble praise.
Lord thank You
for the days delights,
and seeing me through
the darkest nights.

April 19, 2018

I’m Not The Same

I'm not the same
as I used to be,
for Christ has won
the victory.
I am renewed
and set free,
from the weight of sin,
that burdened me.

April 18, 2018

Your Panoply

Praise and worship,
I give to thee,
Your marvelous
You fulfill and are
all in all.
Your children rejoice,
to hear Your call.

April 17, 2018

Still The Water

A torrent of words,
like a flood,
kindness swept away,
and covered in mud.
Better waters still,
with a calm look,
than to be,
a babbling brook.

April 16, 2018

Listen And Led

I listen for
the Master's voice.
To direct my path,
to guide my choice.
I fear not
in strange lands.
For I am led
by God's hand.

April 15, 2018

Morning Prayer

Holy God,
mighty King,
I await the wonders,
this day will bring.
To You all praise,
I will sing.
For Your mercy is

April 14, 2018

Where Else Can I Go?

Where else can I go Lord,
to hear words of life?
Who else illuminates,
through dark of night?
Who else would accept,
that burdens I bring?
Only You my Lord,
the true God and my King.

April 13, 2018

Which Way Should I Go?

Show me the way Lord.
Which way should I go?
What path should I take?
I want to know.
Yet I will trust,
that You will guide.
And fear not,
with You by my side.

April 11, 2018

Knowledge Of The Prudent

Study the scriptures
as a student.
Learn from the wise
as a student.

Grow in knowledge
of the Lord.
Gain understanding,
an eternal reward.

April 10, 2018

A Faraway Kingdom

I dream of a kingdom,
so faraway,
where joy will never part.

Yet the perfect kingdom,
of the Lord,
is already,
In my heart.


April 8, 2018

Stand At The Cusp

We stand at the cusp,
of life and death.
Free to choose either,
with our every breath.
We pray and seek,
and follow the light.
As for myself,
I choose life.

April 7, 2018

Pause For Praise

Through out the day
I give pause
to worship You,
creations cause.
I thank You Lord,
for all You've done,
and the gift You gave,
of Your Son.

April 6, 2018

This Is The Christ

This is the Christ,
in whom God is pleased.
Who bore our sins,
and our burdens eased.
The only begotten,
God's only son.
Who declared, "It is finished."
when redemption He won.

April 5, 2018

In Weakness

My flesh is weak
and impure.
Yet in faith
I endure.
I seek Your strength
to help me stand.
I find it hard
to understand.
Yet You promise
if I seek,
to redeem me,
while I'm still weak.

April 4, 2018

God’s Love Flows

God's love and mercy,
flows from his heart.
Redeeming all who desire,
to have a new start.
Old things become new,
sin is forgotten,
because of the work,
of His only begotten.

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