June 14, 2014

Guilt At The Grocers

I needed some groceries.
I needed to shop.
I had some money,
but not a lot.
And this was part
of my dilemma you see.
For guilt I receive,
at the grocery.
For the entrance was blocked by various causes,
charities, groups and bell ringing Clauses.
Each pleaded for
a donation from me.
Who had barely enough,
to buy some peas.
Please give they implored
for veteran cats.
Will you help us buy trousers,
for endangered bats?
Help the orphans,
beat prickly heat,
help our team get better,
so we won't have to cheat.
Each inquiry filled me,
with deep regret.
I'll donate I said, I'll give,
but not yet.
But the pressure began
to make resolve wilt.
And so I gave in
to my giving guilt.

So I gave each one
part of my loot.
And I dined that evening,
on a boiled boot.

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