June 23, 2014

Like When We First Met

Excuse me if I’m getting sentimental.
Our current affair may be temperamental.
Time has changed us this I know but yet still,
I remember when things were more gentile.

Here’s hoping that you can still recall dear,
when you longed for the time to be near.
The cloudy recollections may seen unclear.
Let me make the fog of doubt disappear.
I think about the times we've spent together.
And how we laughed when walking through bad weather.
If our pockets were like those of a beggar,
it mattered not for our love was like a treasure.
We've come so far from where we started.
It would be a shame if we were ever parted.
What was true once is still now,
I have not forgotten how,
To love you like when we first met.

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