June 24, 2014

I Prefer The Rain

Whether the weather is bad or better,
it's all left to chance just the same.
But if I had had a choice
I would pick moist.
I prefer the rain.
It may seem funny I wouldn't pick sunny.
You may even doubt I was sane.
But I have my reason for a wetter season.
I prefer the rain.
The heat can make us lazy
We lay about all day.
The cold drives us crazy.
We're bundled up forms,
trying to stay warm.
The sound of the raindrops,
play a melody of delight.
I don't care if it won't stop.
if it means having you inside with me tonight.
Heavens playing music.
Each drop it makes a beat.
It seems so therapeutic.
It's a song and a scene I want to repeat.
Some they like the snowflakes,
but no thank you just the same.
I'm too cold making snowmen,
or skiing up in Maine.
It would be so pleasant.
If it could be arranged.
Together to watch the weather.
I prefer the rain.

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