November 15, 2015

I Know

I don’t worry all about the things I hear.
I don’t worry cause I know the One who’s near.
Yes I know. Yes I know.
I don’t fear what others show to me.
I know the one who controls my destiny.
Yes I know. Yes I know.
I’m not saying there aren’t problems everywhere.
But I know my life is in His care.
There is more to it all than what we may see.
So I trust His promise that He cares for me.
So much going on that I don’t understand.
But I know my life is in His hand.
There is nothing, that can take Him by surprise.
If I’m knocked down, He will make me rise.
I don’t have to listen to a bad report.
I don’t have to turn to a last resort.
Cause I know. Yes I know.
I don’t have to wonder how it will end.
He’s already shown it to all His friends.
Yes I know. Yes I know.
He told us long ago to choose which side were on.
As for me and my house we know where we belong.
It’s only the beginning when it seem like it’s the end.
And hopes that have died, they will live again.
The battle is the Lord's and we all can play a part.
He’s sealed us with His Spirit and He’s spoken to our Hearts.
He’s asked to trust Him and only to believe.
And we are to follow Him, to victory.

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