July 13, 2020

Wind And Rain

Written and performed by
Tom Balistreri.

It’s a long long road that we must travel,
With toil and danger on the way.
Full of mysteries we must unravel
if we’re not to go astray.

We chart our course,
assuming fair weather,
Yet we find many storms arise.
Still we venture on,
despite the pressure,
waiting to see clearer skies.

Through the wind and the rain
we’ll keep on pressing.
Maybe slow but steady on.
Through the dark of night,
we keep progressing,
toward the light of the dawn.

If we fall,
we arise and we shall recover,
Shake off the dust and move along.
We’ve only this time,
there won’t be another,
so we all must be strong.


You can seek advice,
you can walk with another,
as you journey toward your home.
But ultimately even with a brother,
you must walk alone.

Through day and night,
drawing ever closer,
forward bravely suppressing fear.
Always remembering,
as your progressing,
the end is drawing near.

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