May 14, 2022

Why Did No One Tell Me?

 At my age, when I stand in front of a mirror primping or combing my hair, I'm not trying to make myself look attractive or handsome,

I'm just trying to make myself not look disgusting.

This morning I accidentally wore my reading glasses into the bathroom instead of my regular glasses.

To my surprise I saw two hairs growing out of my earlobe that were at least 2 inches long. They were even curling!

Why didn't anybody tell me! Do people enjoy seeing me look like a human insect with antenna coming out of the sides of my head.

And why does hair grow there anyway?

There's plenty of room and empty space on the top of my head where hair could grow. I wish it would feel free to do that.

Anyway if anyone ever sees anything like that happening on me please feel free to tell me about it.

I'd rather be slightly embarrassed and fix the problem than walk around looking like some unkempt freak.

From now on when I appear on video as a public service there will be no close-ups.

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