April 22, 2015

The Great Bird Flies Again

The question is “Why?”
At least that’s the question you will be asking.
Why did I write this song?
Why did I take the time to record it?
Why did I make this video?
Why did I sing it with that voice and not my normal voice?
Why is this song, unlike most of my two minute songs, an epic song of almost five minutes?
Why? Why? Why?
Then you’ll ask, “What?”
As in. “What the heck were you thinking?”
Well I’ll tell you.
I don’t know.
My ideas are all over the place.
Sometimes I’m serious.
Usually I try to be humorous.
Either with funny verse or stories.
I sing cover songs and write and record my own songs.
I’ve made audio comedy skits.
I just like doing a lot of different things.
You could call me a “Renaissance Man.”
Or just nuts.
I’ve tried to segregate my different styles and creations in different
websites and categories so I don’t put off current and potential followers.
They might sign up because they like a poem or rhyme and the next thing you know I’m posting something where
I’m bellowing in song about refrigerators.
Or something sacred and holy.
Well I’m finding it’s too exhausting to maintain all these separate styles so not to confuse the public.
Heck I’m confused, why shouldn’t my readers be too?
So I’m just going with whatever comes out of my creative mind.
I’m going to just be me.
Now all this sounds great, and noble.
But then wait until you hear and see this song.
At that point you probably will think I should try being somebody else.

I also realise the first word in the video title is misspelled.
Along with being creative I’m also too lazy to fix it.

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